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Classifieds Help
How do I report a Scam Ad?
Please click the "Contact Us" link in the top right corner to call. Be sure to get the "ad id" so we can quickly locate and remove the ad.
Why can't I find a legal listing with classifieds search?
In some cases we only have a picture of the legal listing that was posted. As a result, we are unable to search the text of the ad. We are working to provide a text version of the ad as well. In the meantime, we encourage you to "Browse" our legals and not search. You can look for legals by selecting a certain city and timeframe.
Why don't all ads have photos?
Photos are a great way to show items for sale. However, it is up to the lister of the ad to decide whether or not they want to include a photo. We feel photos are extremely important and greatly improve your chance of selling your item. If your ad doesn't have a photo or you would like to include more photos, please contact us and we'll help you add more photos to your listing.